Friday, 10 June 2011

Fatal Lobsterinth

So, just having a quick blast at Fatal Labyrinth after reading a review from The Retroist. It's a Rogue-like on the Megadrive - quite basic, but quite fun. Annoying inventory system, but that's quite common in Rogue-likes, and some groovy music. Anyway. One thing you have to do in the game is collect food, and you have a constantly dwindling supply.  At the start of the game I had a warning message flash up that I was getting hungry, so since that point I'd been eating food like crazy ... until I wolfed down one snack and a message flashed up saying I was full ... and then it was game over. My character had literally eaten until he burst. Why he didn't stop, I'll never know. He had his Mr. Creosote moment and left. And I left the game, because I don't have time for random deaths like that, Rogue-like or no.

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