Monday, 20 June 2011

Hi Mr. Bull, my name's Red Rag

So my boss just sent me the link to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri on GOG...does the man know what he's doing to me? Luckily I'm fairly strong-willed against Civ games at the moment, as I bought Civ 3 and 4 in a Steam sale a while back and haven't played either of them yet. (I still don't really feel I've finished playing the boxed copy of Civ II Classic Collection sitting in the bookshelf behind me. One to return to one day...maybe.)

Actually that's a subject I'll write about in more length some time in the future - the tug between playing open-ended games and sticking with games with a clear ending. At the moment I side solely with games I can actually finish so I can make some headway through the backlog, but as a gamer I do enjoy some of those big, open-ended titles. What am I saying, even the small open-ended games suck me in - Desktop Dungeons was a recent case in point before I forced myself to close my eyes and hit the delete button.

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