Monday, 13 June 2011

PS3 Back for Good(ness)

So, my PS3 died a while back, which was annoying. Actually, it was more annoying than that, it was REALLY annoying. Anyway, this deadness just happened to coincide with the deadness of PSN after it was hacked. I had a replacement PS3 sent out without any hassle (though they still haven't sent back the DVD that was stuck in it), but I couldn't actually do much with it. I own maybe 3 or 4 physical PS3 games, all of the rest are from downloads from PSN, so with no PSN I effectively had no games. This was not fun, especially when it dragged on for a month, but hey, it gave me time for some DS love.

So when PSN came back up I dutifully went and downloaded all of my old games - most of which I have yet to play...I know. I'm on Plus, and I'm a sucker for a special offer, so there was a lot of GB to come down. My ISP must have loved me, but bums to them. [Note to Sony: You really need a 'bought games' section as well as just a downloads list. Sorting through 569 games with no indication of which were actual games I owned and which were just demos is no fun. NB: the vast majority of those are demos, I certainly don't own *that* many PS3 games!] So anyway, a week or so later I've downloaded everything again, happiness should resume, right? Wrong.

In their infinite (but severely flawed) wisdom, Sony don't keep the most up to date files for initial download. You can only download the 1.0 version of the files, and then when you first run the game it will pop off to the server and say it needs to be updated to a newer version. Why? I've thought about this from every angle I can, but I still can't see a single reason why Sony would want to do this except for laziness. I can't see how it benefits anybody to have to work this way. So essentially, after spending a week downloading the games, I then had to spend another week essentially downloading them again to bring them all up to date. Fun? No, but at least it's done now, and that is a good thing.

In other news, I had a quick go at Borderlands over the weekend. It's the only game I've bought after a full game trial on Plus, and I'm quite enjoying it. Its irreverent tone feels a bit like a modern Duke Nukem, which is no bad thing. And yes, I know there *is* a modern Duke Nukem out now, but my PC is way too old to play anything like that, and to be honest, I'm not that interested in it.

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