Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Adventures in cheating

So, I've finished BASS, and Lure of the Temptress, it's earlier "Virtual Theatre" sibling. I also managed to polish off TeenAgent. How did I get through all three in 5 minutes a day? I used walkthroughs. I don't have a problem with walkthroughs - I don't have much time to play any more, and I certainly don't have time to spend hours puzzling things out like I used to, so a little hint here and there saves my sanity and allows me to get through my game pile. I have to admit, though, for graphic adventures I think I overdid it. I rushed through them so quickly that I didn't really get a feel for the games. So, new rule: play the games properly and only resort to help when I get stuck. Next up, and the first challenger for that rule is Phantasmagoria. I actually own the 7 disc version, but after installing it and hearing my poor CD drive thrashing away through the first section I've decided to download it from GoG instead. 1.6GB, so it's taking a while.

In the mornings when I'm up early with Max I'm also playing through a PS3 mini - The Mystery of the Crystal Portal. It's a very simple premise, you just have to find objects on screen and drag them onto other 'key' objects to unlock them. The glacially slow puzzle nature means I can happily play that and read to Max at the same time, so it's working out pretty well. Not sure I'd have paid for it, but it's an interesting diversion.

Oh, and now GoG are running yet another sale! One game on special offer per day. Luckily, only one over the last five days has interested me. Long may it continue :)

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