Wednesday, 6 July 2011


So, after who knows how long, I finally finished BG2 last night in its entirety. Very happy to have knocked that one on the head. Fantastic game - part of me wished I hadn't sold BG1 so I could have played through the whole saga again in its entirety (with the big world mod), but if that was the case I'd still be playing it now, so I'm glad I couldn't. Had a couple of weird glitches toward the end, but generally (other than the stutteriness of the big world mod) it played like a dream.

Over 9GB of space freed up on my comp now it's gone...what to fill it with...? I think I'll go with Beneath a Steel Sky, which I got free from GoG when I signed on. It should be a nice quick break from a monstrous RPG. I got about half way through it years ago but got stuck somewhere. Hopefully I'll be able to get through it now.

Oh, and Steam are having their summer sale. It's the same deal as the treasure hunt that got me back into PC gaming last year - they put a bunch of games on sale each day, then you have tasks to do in those games in order to win tickets to get free stuff. Annoyingly compulsive and means I end up buying the odd game here and there. Still, when it's things like Deus Ex: Invisible War for only a couple of pounds it's hard to say no...bang goes my two out one in theory...maybe I'll start that after the summer sale.

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