Thursday, 11 August 2011

King of Pins

That's Kingpin dusted and done. Fun for a short, sharp shooter. It felt quite different to the usual FPS - only really one type of enemy (humans - although they have different weapons, and some are quite a bit tougher than others...but visually they're pretty much identical), and none of the crazy, frenetic bursts of hundreds of bad guys that you often get. It had its high-velocity moments, but in general it felt a bit slower paced. It also felt like they wanted to do a lot of things that they couldn't - whether it was due to time or technology. The conversations with NPCs didn't really work that well (but I loved the Ving Rhames bad guy with half his lines lifted directly from Pulp Fiction), and your helper dudes weren't *that* essential (though the AI seemed good, and they did come in handy from time to time - the couple of lockpicking sections in the game were a bit throwaway, though). There were some nice scripted bits here and there (freeing the train carriage to run down the tracks and smash through a blockage springs to mind), but in general it felt like it could have been longer and more fleshed out. The fact that the final sub-boss runs away at the end setting up a sequel that never was confirms the fact that they had more ideas for the game that we never saw. Anyway - nothing that special, but good for what it was.

Next up is Bad Rats. Something I got in a Steam Summer sale a while back. It's a puzzler in the vein of The Incredible Machine, but with proper physics. I'm in two minds about it at the moment, but we'll see how it goes. Don't be surprised if I return to another half-finished game half-way through because I get bored/frustrated with Bad Rats.

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