Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bird in the hand

What can I say...it was Q*Bert. Actually, I'm not familiar enough with Q*Bert to know what the differences were (other than the graphics), but it felt very much like an arcade game of its age. Score attack, with infinite looping levels. Once I'd figured out the RSI-inducing (unconfigurable) keyboard layout, I played it for a while before cramp and boredom set in. The first game that came in a lot less than the alotted 5 minutes! A curio, then, but for me nothing more.

Next up is...MYCHESS - apparently one of the oldest computer chess games ever made, hailing from 1979. They keyboard commands sound fairly impossible to master. In fact...nope, just tried it and I can't get anywhere. I can play chess fine, but I don't know chess notation, and to move a piece you have to input the move in proper chess notation. Sorry mychess, no time for that.

So, next up next is Alien Breed 2: Assault - one of the more recent games I own (2010) from a Steam sale, so hopefully it'll run okay on my aging machine...

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