Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Progress update

Well...it's still going slowly. I have spent those few days playing Divine Divinity, and I can confirm that it is huge. I've trawled round the home map and done most of the quests there, but there are now the two other maps (that I've discovered so far) to do. The upper map doesn't seem that big, and I think I've done most of the things there, but the lower map is about the size of the first one and I've only just taken my first steps into it, so it might take a fair while. I'm enjoying the size of it, but some of it does feel a little empty at the moment - especially as once you've killed the monsters on the main map they don't come back. I think I prefer the Baldur's Gate way of doing things, with lots of little 'story' maps linked together rather than one massive map. That way, you get a lot more variety, and more of a sense of progress when you clear one and move to the next. It is nice being able to wander wherever you want, though, and do things at your own pace, and the teleporters are hugely helpful for whizzing around the map. I've been kind of steering clear of the main quest while I map out the areas and polish off the side quests, so I haven't really got a feeling of how far I've got and how much there still is to come. Once I've mapped out the Dark Forest area and cleared out the Dwarven mines (which I have a feeling might be big) then I'll get back on the main quest and see where that takes me. One more free day to go, then it's back to 5 mins a day, which could mean this one takes me a fair while!

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