Thursday, 5 January 2012


A quick follow-up post to slightly modify my internal rules. Originally the two-games-at-a-time thing was so if I got bogged down in one then I'd have another to switch to for a change of pace. This doesn't work when I get two series that I'm bogged down with meaning I end up avoiding them both entirely. So, new rule is...only one of those two games can be a series, and the other should be a one-off. Hopefully that'll help to keep things fresh. That means that on the series front I already have a backlist on my backlist - it'll be Settlers first followed by Bard's Tale, then Beyond Divinity, then possibly Alone in the Dark, the first game of which I completed before I started this blog and I haven't moved on to the rest yet.

So with all that in mind, the next one-off game is going to be...Skunny Kart. Yikes. It's a Mario Kart clone based on the short-lived cast of the Skunny Hardnut games. Have to admit it's not filling me with excitement to play it at the moment, but at least it should be a quick one!

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