Friday, 3 February 2012

Starry, starry night...

...the Protoss made a getaway,
Now I'm lost in L.A.
With Les who sees the geekness in my soul.

So anyway, Starcraft is finished. Long post about it last time so I won't go into much more detail here. Needless to say, it were smashin'. Some flibbertigibbety difficult missions that took a while, but it remained fun until the end, and that's all I can ask for. You could argue that the main bulk of the game is still to come on the multiplayer side, but that's not for me at the moment so it's off to join the done pile (which is still infinitesimally small compared to the not-done pile). So without further ado (and as old-game-geeks among you may have guessed from the Don Maclean rip-off above), the next title from the randometer is...Les Manley: Lost in LA.

This game was one that my good friend George's Dad brought back from Bahrain while he was working out there. Apparently because of the copyright laws you could just walk into (probably still slightly dodgy) shops out there and pay pittance to get copies of virtually anything you wanted. I remember George had a printed list of all the titles they had available and we pored over it for hours marking off the ones we wanted. There was some great stuff there. Anyway, this was one of the games from the first random batch that George's dad brought back. It's a point-and-click adventure and I didn't really remember that much about it until I started playing, then it all came flooding back...befriend the lifeguard so you can talk to the two girls to the lifeguard about the eclipse and then steal his bandanna when it goes dark...use the bandanna with the fake rap crew to get past them and enter the dodgy pawn shop... I can't remember what's going to happen, but whenever I pick up an object it clicks into place and I remember what I need to do with it. It's quite fun and seems to be proceeding fairly briskly. I'd completely forgotten how saucy it is, too. Not by today's standards, but I was pretty young then, so you'd have thought it would have made more of an impression...ah well, obviously not! Shouldn't be too long before the evil Maladonna is in my clutches, so hopefully there'll be a win post soon.

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