Monday, 26 March 2012

A Scone in the Dark

I finished up Alone in the Dark 3 over the weekend. It's so much better balanced than the second game - well, in some ways... For a start, there's no insane combat every 5 steps, and it's a lot easier to get off the first screen. In fact, the combat throughout the game is a whole lot easier (especially because of the new innovation of difficulty levels...I played it on Easy). But to make up for that, there are a lot more puzzles. Most of them are logically solvable if you read the right paraphenalia in the game giving hints, but some were cases of trying every item in the inventory until something worked (whipping a hook with a dead zombie's wig?!).

There were also a couple of slightly crazy sections. Instead of a little girl, this time you have a short section changed into a cougar. It's a lot more fun this time around, too, though the whole section is timed and there are some more strange puzzles (dipping your paw in tar and silver dust so you can kill werewolves!?). The other slightly bonkers thing is jumping. Kris, if you're reading this, I know you love a character who can jump. Carnby can't jump. There are a couple of cinematic sections early in the game where you run up to a window and the game takes control and Carnby automatically dives through the window and across to the building opposite. But suddenly, about a third of the way through the game, you reach the jumping section. A series of randomly positioned pillars over you do. And suddenly a Jump command appears in your inventory! It's not there in the game before that, and it disappears as soon as you finish the short, but nonetheless annoying, jumping section. Weird.

So, next up on the series side is Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare. This was the full 3D reboot of the series from 2001. I picked it up in a GOG sale a while back, and it's the reason why I started replaying the series so I could see how it followed on. It got mixed reviews, so I don't really know what to expect. Very interested to see what it's like.

Tony Hawk is progressing slowly. I made it through the training level so far. It's quite fun to return to a skating game, as I haven't played one for years, but I can tell that as soon as I get to the harder stuff I'm going to get really frustrated - my favourite bit is doing vert tricks and gaps, but the series progressed into a focus on huge chains of grinds and revert-linked tricks...not something I'm very good at, or find that enjoyable. Anyway, as I say, I've enjoyed it so far, so I shouldn't start damning it yet!

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