Monday, 23 April 2012

Titan Mined!

Good old Mines of Titan was as fun as I remembered, and darned addictive. There are no levels as such, so the only way to improve your character is with cash for better weapons and ability and skill upgrades. It starts off hard, but if you pick your fights and spend wisely (and gamble a lot!) then it's not that hard to build up a good pot of cash. I think we found it so hard at school because we hired a large party of characters - which in turn means that you fight much larger groups of enemies. This time I went with a small group and managed things a lot better. Saying that, having the best weapons and armour doesn't make the game easy - there are still really tough fights. As an example, I'd just started exploring the tunnels on my way to the end game and I ran into a group of hunters, and I just couldn't beat them, no matter how hard I tried. It was just a random encounter, but the way the game works, it must have a seed for the random encounters so that you always end up with the same one next. Unfortunately, I'd just saved the game so whenever I restarted and moved a few steps I ran into the same group of hunters and they slaughtered me - it was a wide open area, too, with no chance of using cover to make the battle easier. Luckily, I'd made a save game just before I entered the tunnels. I had to reload and head back to Primus, ditch one of my existing characters with poor education (and thus no way of improving his medical skill - I'd already used my max stat upgrades) and hire a completely new guy with a few more smarts. I then had to grind for a while training him up in rifle, golem armour and medical, so that he could use the best med-kits. I was then ready to head back out to the mines, and this time with a decent healer available I was able to beat the hunters and make it through to the end. I really think that medicine is probably the most important skill available - if you can't use Med Kit C, you're going to die. Of course, once you start making your way through the mines you can find alien tech with med-kits that don't need a high medicine skill to use, but I couldn't even get that far with my previous setup.

Anyway, I did it in the end. I made it to Proscenium and I killed those four blobs. As a boss battle they were perhaps a bit underwhelming (though still crazy hard), but I liked the way the ending left things on a cliffhanger - the evil spider alien you saw has disappeared from the city, and the game leaves you just outside Primus wondering what sort of reception you're going to get on your return...the intimation being that you'll open the airlock door and find that the aliens have wiped the place out.

If I gave scores, this would easily be a 10/10. Great fun and brought back loads of memories. Next up on the randometer is...Subwar 2050. I bought it back in an Electronics Boutique sale while I was at uni, but I've only ever really dabbled with it. It's a bit like an arcadey flight sim but underwater. Should be quite fun.

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  1. This looks amazing and I want it. Why oh why have I not heard of it before? Is there a DS version (can your brother make it for me?)?