Friday, 4 May 2012


Things are going to be a bit slower for the next year or so. Kate's off work now to look after baby2 (when it arrives) so I no longer have lunch times to myself to sit and geek out. I'll hopefully have the odd chance every now and then, though, so I'll try and keep the blog going. Not much has happened since the last post - I've played a little bit of Beyond Divinity, but I'm still not really feeling it that much. I'm choosing to skip out some of the battlefield stuff because it's so tedious, but I'm worried it's going to leave me a bit under leveled further down the line. It really isn't a patch on the first game, but I paid good money for it, so I'm darned well going to finish it!

Not much to say about SubWar yet. I tried it briefly but couldn't get it to work happily with my joypad. I'll give it a go with keys later on.