Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dudes...not too bad

The President has been rescued! Bad Dudes was a fantastically awful arcade port, but good fun nonetheless. Your typical brawler where you wander along the screen while thousands of ninjas come the other way, waiting to be punched/kicked/weaponised. Only two weapons, a knife and some nunchuks, both better than a fist, especially the reach of the nunchuks which helped a great deal. There were some fun levels, including one on top of a moving train and one on top of a convoy of trucks - one weird thing was that when you move forward you don't stop when you release the button, you carry on running forward crazily. Seemed a bit of an odd design decision, so I'm not sure if it was a screw-up in the DOS port? There's a timer that constantly runs down that caused me a few issues. In the end I had to slow DosBox down so I could make it through some of the levels. Meant the game ran like treacle, but at least I could finish it. As always seems to be the case with these brawlers, the jumping kick is your best friend. It's a spinning kick, meaning that you can handily hit enemies behind and in front of you, so it tended to be what I used the most. That and the good old duck and nunchuk trick. Always a winner - especially on bosses! The end of game boss was a bit of a push-over, I don't know if I got incredibly lucky, but it was just a case of jumping up onto the helicopter next to him, then crouching and swinging my nunchuks. He barely scratched me as he fell over. Best glitch was that when I tried to play it with my gamepad it must have got confused by the dual analogue sticks, so I was able to play it two player with each stick controlling one player. Was interesting for a while, but a bit too crazy for prolonged use (bonus points for remembering what the name of that PlayStation game was where you did have to control one guy with each analogue stick, I can't for the life of me remember what it was called).

So, one more down and the neverending quest continues. Next up on the randometer is...Win, Lose, or Draw! A gameshow conversion, fun! This is the US version, but I think the gameshow was called the same thing in the UK (Wikipedia says it was). Essentially it's pictionary, but this version doesn't actually allow you to draw anything, you just have to guess the drawings that the computer shows you. Sounds a bit more like Catchphrase, then. Anyway, I'll give it a whirl. Doubt I'll play for long.

(On a side note, the series list seems to have gone strategy sci-fi crazy - last three series it's thrown at me have been I-War, X-Com and Master of Orion...going to be fun when I get there!)

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