Friday, 24 August 2012

Apple Core

Not much to report this week. Gaming has slowed right down to a smidge of Septerra Core here and there over lunch. It is definitely an epic game, though - 7 different game worlds stacked within each other, and each one has a bunch of locations to visit and trawl through. I have finally got my own ship, though, so I can now travel between worlds at will, which makes things a lot easier. It's a slow game, too, lots of traipsing back and forth between areas with enemies that respawn when you re-enter. Combats are never easy enough that you can just breeze through them, so each fight takes a little while, and there are a lot of fights. I feel like I'm slowly getting somewhere, though. I now have the first part of the two-part key, which I think is the game's main objective, so hopefully not too far to go. It's a good game, but it always feels like it could be better - the graphics are alright, but they could be better, the combat's okay, but it could be better, the UI's not bad, but it could be just needed an extra 5% polish in every area and it could have been something really great. As I say, it's definitely a good game and I'm definitely enjoying it, there's just always that niggle in the back of my mind that it's not quite right. Oh, and after getting myself lost in pretty much every area so far, I finally pressed Tab on a whim and discovered to my surprise that there is actually a map! I'd been cursing the game for it's lack of one every day up to that point, and it turned out it was me who was the idiot all along. I did read the manual, I promise!

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