Monday, 20 August 2012

Booty Quest

It's the end of the week of gaming, and what have I got done? Umm...pretty much nothing actually. I ended up dipping into a bunch of things rather than focusing on getting some games finished. I never went back to Shadow of the Colossus - it felt slow paced, and I wanted something quick. On the PS2 front, I did finish Mashed, a top-down racing game. I only had one more race to go from when I last played it, so it didn't take too long. I only finished the bronze cup, not gold or silver, but I think that's good enough for me. It's really best when played multiplayer, anyway. I also dipped into Champions of Norrath - a game I used to play years ago with a couple of friends but I never finished. I started afresh and spent a bit of time with it, but didn't get too far. What else...I did another couple of levels of The Incredibles. It's probably one of the most frustrating games I've ever played (a birthday present from my brother - he has a habit of buying me terrible games). Just thinking about it makes me want to throw things at walls, so I'll move on.

On the PS3 front I did actually finish something - Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty. It was a kind of half-game that they released to fill the gap before the full game came out. It only took a few hours to play through, but it was good fun throughout - a very straightforward, fast-paced, constantly moving 3D platformer, just what I was looking for. I also dipped into Flower for a relaxing glide through the grass, had a brief return to Metal Gear Solid 4 now they've added trophy support, but didn't get anywhere, I finished a few more levels of Cuboid, and I removed Lead & Gold from the list after a quick run around because it's multiplayer only. But with all that jumping about, the one game I kept coming back to was Borderlands. There's something really compelling about the way it keeps dripping new things to you - every mission finished opens up something else to do or somewhere else to go, and each mission doesn't take long, so you're constantly moving forward. There's also the much-vaunted random guns, which keeps your weapon loadout fresh, as you're always picking up something new and better - or just different. It has that horribly brilliant one-more-go factor that kept me playing until too late in the night on too many nights. It's a long game, too. I don't know how far through it I am, but I've just finished all of the missions in the first town. I'm level 21 or so, and there's a trophy for hitting level 50, which I figure is the highest you can go, so going by that reckoning I'm probably near half-way through the game. No idea when I'm going to finish it, but it's been great fun. Highly recommended.

Not much to report on the PC. I've still been chipping away at Septerra Core over lunch, but it's slow going. Normal service of 5 minutes a day will now be resumed.


  1. Mashed- woah, a blast from the past. Ace.

    Norrath- oh for multiplayer co op. Remember Diablo 2?

  2. Funnily enough, I did install Diablo 2 again just the other day then rapidly uninstalled it again before I got hopelessly lost in it. That's why I tried Norrath again last week - I had a bit of a Diablo itch that still needed scratching. I really should have called you up for a bit of multiplayer fun last week when I had the chance, sorry about that.

    P.S. what's happened to Pano a Day?