Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Showed Gregory Horror

So I did complete Gregory Horror Show that night, but it took a lot longer than I thought. The last few souls were a right pain, requiring multiple reloads. The flippin' clocks were perhaps the worst; I constantly ran into other guests while trying to escape from the crazy Clock Master and then get over to where his son was hiding out while he had collapsed - and, of course, every time I died there was a long, unskippable cutscene before I could start the sequence all over again. Fun. Actually Angel Dog was a close second in the annoyance stakes, but for a different reason. It wasn't so much that I died a lot (although I did a few times) but that time moves so slowly in the game. You can only get Angel Dog's soul when she's watching the football on the hotel TV, and the football is only on at a certain time of day. I think she's the only one that has this restrictive time to grab her soul, but I can't remember the earlier characters too well - it's years since I did them. Anyway, it just so happened that the time that I last saved it was 9pm, and the football started at 6pm, so I basically had a day to wait out until I could catch her. Time passes very sloooowly in this game - you can sleep to pass a few hours, but you can only sleep once in a certain time period. You can also read a book to pass an hour or two, but books are important resources (they heal and increase your health gauge) so you don't want to waste them. You can also purchase time fruit in the exchange store, which passes a couple of hours when eaten, but there's no money in the game, so you can only get the fruit by exchanging some of your other items for it...which you may not want to do. So anyway, I thought I only had an hour or so of the game to go, but it ended up taking more like 3 or 4 hours to finish, which was mostly spent watching TV while I was waiting for time to pass in the game. Not a very productive evening in my quest for backlog domination! I did finally finish it, though, and it has perhaps the most depressing ending ever - essentially you're a clinically depressed person who constructed this hotel as a shell to hide from the real world, and when you finally break out of the hotel back into the real world you realise that you still can't cope with the pressures of the world and retreat back into cosy world of the mad hotel. Heartwarming stuff!

Next up on the PS2 pile is Shadow of the Colossus. I loved Ico, so I was looking forward to playing this. I only gave it an hour or so, and it is beautiful, but it's way harder than I thought it would be. I died numerous times just fighting the first colossus. I did finally beat him, and I think I've got the hang (ooh, pun!) of the grip system now. I was out in meetings all yesterday and didn't get back until late, so I just had a quick blast of Borderlands when I got back. It was actually refreshingly fun, so now I'm wondering whether I should go back to SoC tonight or just stick with Borderlands...hmmm.

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