Monday, 10 September 2012

Back from the future

A quick mini update to say that I finished Telltale's Back to the Future series over the weekend. I played a bit of it during my bathroom fitting gaming week and have finished it off in the early mornings when I've been up with (or before) Max. It's a nice gentle non-violent game, so I don't mind him seeing it, and there's no action really, so I can easily drop it if he wants me to go off and help him teach an elephant to fly. In fact, Max just calls it television, I don't think he's even realised it's a game.

I played and enjoyed Telltale's Sam and Max series a while back, and this was much the same in process, though the story and puzzles felt a lot more natural. I didn't get on with it at all to begin with, but as soon as the story kicked in I started to enjoy it more and more. If you like graphic adventures, I reckon it's one of Telltale's best.

In other brief news, I couldn't resist trying both games and doing their first training missions. Fantasy general was great fun - it felt a lot like HoMM and its ilk. I can see it getting very complex very quickly, though. I-War wasn't quite what I expected. I think I was getting it mixed up with Freespace when I though that it was an arcade game. It's actually a simulator with a full Newtonian physics model, and looks like it's going to get incredibly complicated (with a 118-page manual!). I think it's one of those games that's going to demand a lot of attention, so I'll try and stick with it for a bit.

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