Friday, 21 September 2012

I-War update

Nothing completed this week, so just a progress update. Both games on the go are pretty epic, so I may be here for a while. I'll start with Fantasy General, as I haven't done much of that. I've just got off the first island which mostly contained training missions. I think there are four islands in the game, and things are already starting to get tricky. It's a fun and absorbing game, though, with some nice touches. In my last battle, for example, I rescued a guy who can make mech units, which massively increased the amount of troops I can enlist and research - I wasn't expecting that at all, as I already have a pretty massive quota of normal and magic troops that I'm experimenting with and researching. Options wahey!

Independence War is amazingly hard, amazingly complicated and amazingly engrossing. I don't think I've ever played a game where I've died so many times on the training missions, let alone the rest of it. Even the very first training missions caused me many restarts. It's only a simple 'fly through the hoops' affair, but a) if you hit the hoops then you die, and b) I kept losing track of the final hoop and running out of time trying to find it again. The next training mission was similarly tricky - you had to make use of the Newtonian physics to dock with container pods then accelerate and undock them so they carried on going in a straight line at that velocity. Essentially you had to use this process to fling a bunch of pods through a ring. Good fun once you get the hang of it, but again, it took me quite a few goes to clear it. Anyway, I'm making progress through the game slowly but surely. I've no idea how big it is, but it seems to have been going for a while now. It definitely hasn't outstayed its welcome, though, and the reason for that is the engrossing storyline and the excellent mission structure. The missions are immensely varied, I don't think I've had to do the same thing twice, and there hasn't been a single straight 'fly here and shoot this' mission. Admittedly a lot of the missions are disrupted by 'indies' attacking you, but that's kind of the fun of it. A few of the things I've had to do...weapons test a new super gun, fly scientists to investigate an asteroid, repair a broken navigation satellite, safely 'catch' an antimatter pod that was on a collision course with a space station...oh, and I've met aliens a couple of times, but they've only been really fleeting encounters. On the story front, I fly a navy ship, and we're in a battle against the 'indies' or independents. Normally, I'd have expected a plot twist where I'd realise the navy is evil and the indies are fighting on the side of right, and I'd switch over and blast the oppressors, but that hasn't happened - or even been hinted at - yet, and I've been playing for a while now. I'm pretty sure this game does have a branching storyline, so it would make sense if I could go indie or navy...maybe it's already happened and I wasn't aware of it? (Hmmm...that reminds me of a song...indie navy, you can sail the seven seas, indie navy...etc.) So yeah, story-wise, there's the whole background battle going on, the aliens - who I'm sure are going to play a larger part, and I've picked up some kind of ghost-in-the-machine AI with the personality of a long-dead war hero, so presumably that's going to go somewhere, too. To be honest, I've got absolutely no idea where the story's heading right now, but I'm enjoying the ride. Until next week, then, or until I actually complete something.

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