Friday, 28 September 2012


Just a quick post to say that I finally finished the I-War campaign. There wasn't actually that much more to do from my previous post. I did get a couple of decision points, but I ended up forming a new breakaway faction rather than joining with the indies. I realised that the reason I didn't get to become an indie pilot is because coming up next is the expansion disk - Defiance, which is basically the same background campaign, but this time played from the indie point of view, which I'm actually quite looking forward to. The missions are really nice and varied, so as long as the expansion disk carries on in the same vein then it should be fun. I also noticed that there is an obvious stat on the mission breakdown that lets you know which path you took in that mission. Looking back through my mission history, there are actually a lot of missions that had different paths...I'm afraid to say that I'm not going to go back and explore them. You could argue that I'm not really completing the game if I don't play through every bit of it, but I want to move on. Anyway, I've played through one story to the end, and that's enough for my rules. So yeah, next game in the series is the Defiance add-on, which I'm guessing will probably take as long to play as the first game if it really does mirror the main background campaign. Unfortunately, it doesn't count as a finished game until I've done the add-on as well. Bah.

In the meantime I'll be turning my attention to Fantasy General and trying to get through that. I've just finished the second continent (of 4, I think), so I'm roughly half-way through, although the later continents have way more (and much longer) battles than the first couple, so there's still a good chunk of game to go. And it really is good fun. I'm having to become a bit more strategic as the enemies get tougher, so I'm trying different troops as some of my earlier guys perish (which is actually not a good thing, as troops gain experience while they fight on the battlefield).

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