Friday, 7 September 2012

Noid avoided

Well, for a quick CGA platformer it wasn't too bad. Ridiculously frustrating, as games of that age often are, but still very playable. The game involves you delivering a pizza to the top of a skyscraper with a 30-minute time limit. The tricky thing is that along the way, the 'noids' are trying to stop you. They do this either by knocking you over and then jumping up and down on the pizza, or they simply fire bazookas at you, which seems a little more extreme. You come equipped with a pretty decent jump, so they're not too bad to avoid, unless they come in massive clumps - which they often do. In those situations you have a limited supply of 'noid avoiders', which basically kill everything on the screen. They're also a life saver when you have to open doors with keys and have to sit through the key fumbling animation before the door opens. You can still be hit during this animation, and if you try to move at all then you have to go through the whole thing again. Luckily, using a noid avoider doesn't count as moving, so they're a life-saver when you're trying to get through a door and hundreds of noids are jumping at you. The other major obstacles are falling floors. Certain sections of floor will drop you down to the level below, but you have no idea where they are until you walk over them. It's annoying when you do run into them, as they usually end up dropping you down right into the path of a missile on the level below, but actually they're not quite as frustrating as they sound because you soon learn that the safest way to traverse the levels is by jumping anyway, which means you usually leap right over them without even knowing they're there. Then we come to what I found was the most annoying part. There are also telephones sprinkled throughout the game that you can answer. As far as I could tell, you have no way of knowing who's going to be at the other end until you answer it, and 9 times out of 10 it's a noid who immediately blows you up. The other times it's a bonus life or noid avoider. No problem, you think, I just won't answer any of them, but the other thing you get from the phones is a code to open one of the final doors, so you have to take your chances and get blown up a lot. For all I know there might be one phone that always gives you the code - I didn't play it enough to find out - but if it's random then it seems hugely unfair to me.

Anyway, it's another one done. I love these quick games! Next up on the randometer is...Fantasy General. It doesn't seem that long ago I was wondering what the game was that would get me into strategy war games. This could be it. It's basically SSI's acclaimed Panzer General but with a fantasy coat of paint. It's not going to be a quick game by any means, but will hopefully be a fun one. I think I definitely will jump into I-war next, though, and give that a blast.

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