Monday, 29 October 2012

Didn't Survive

A quick update - I loaded up Survival to see what it was like and noticed there were a few odd bugs - things that meant I couldn't actually get anywhere in the game - and it didn't match the text description I had on file. A bit of digging revealed that I'd pulled the text from the wrong game on MobyGames, this was a different game called Survival, and a bit more digging revealed this was actually an unfinished, unreleased game - hence all the bugs. It's a pity, because it actually seemed quite interesting from what I briefly played of it, but there was one particular bug with buildings not staying built, which meant that I couldn't actually progress with it at all. So, without further ado, on to the next game...

The next game on the randometer is...oh blimey...Poko Memorial: 18th Hole Miniature Golf. Well, I can't see it sticking around too long, anyway!

In other news, I finished Alex Kidd, and have now moved on to a game that I always wanted to play after seeing it in games mags at the time, Alisia Dragoon.

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