Monday, 29 October 2012

I Have 18 Holes

Short post day today. I didn't realise when the game popped up, but Poko Memorial: 18th Hole Miniature Golf was made back in 1987. Nothing wrong with that, but sports games of that era don't tend to age well. You've probably seen the screenshot by now (hey, it's one I actually took!), this is not a graphically intense game. That doesn't really mean much to me, but what really matters is that it's not a well controlled game. I've played a few golf games in my time (and there are more coming up on the list), and one thing you absolutely need is the ability to hit the ball in any direction. You don't have that ability here. There are 16 positions that you can place your club in around the ball, which means that most of the time it's actually impossible to aim the ball directly at the hole. That's not a great thing. You also have 10 different strengths you can hit the ball, but anything above 1 (or 2 at a push) is going to cannon it off the green, so there's really not much point in the other amounts. Maybe it'd be more fun playing against a friend with a few beers (hey, that would actually be MUCH more fun), but on it's own...nah. Onwards, then.

The next game up on the randometer is...Ghostbusters II. Well, I certainly ain't afraid of no ghosts, so this should be fun.

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