Friday, 19 October 2012

The List

I've just added a link to a Google doc containing the full game list on the right. It's correct as of today, but I'm not sure how often I'll update it. Let me know if you can see it - I'm not sure if I set the permissions correctly.


  1. Yep, can see it. There's a lot of games that begin with Alien, Blood or Battle. What does that tell you about the average gamer?

  2. Excellent, glad that worked.

    It's not all a macho geeksplosion, though. In between all that Battle and Blood (well, technically just above it) there's Barbie Super Model. Let nobody say I don't cater for all my female readers (NB: I have no female readers).

    Also, the list is slightly attuned to my tastes, and I do fit into a rather boring core geek stereotype (I loves me some fantasy RPGs). I say only slightly attuned because the vast majority of the list is made up of my many years of going on the Underdogs site and clicking the Download Entire Internet button (as Kris can attest).

  3. Oh, and I also wanted to quickly add, I can provide more info on that list if you'd prefer - publication date, etc., if that would be interesting? Whenever I add a game to my master database it grabs all of the info about it from MobyGames so I have it all to hand - I just exported those three key columns to Google docs as a trial.