Friday, 30 November 2012

Independent Woman (at war)

So, I plumped for I-War 2 in the end. I've got a super-secret day off  (shhh!) and I wanted to play something I knew might be fun. And was it fun? Ummm, yeah, after a while. To begin with it was the most irritating thing in the world ever mainly because they'd changed the controls around after the first game and it took me ages to get the hang of using them. After a while (and a lot of deaths), I did manage to work it out and things got easier after that. I managed to get through the prelude section (where you play a younger version of the main character) and then onto the main game itself. I'm currently doing the game's version of grinding, which in this case is space piracy. I forgot to mention that you play a space pirate in the game...I'm sure he's going to be honourable in the end...but at the moment I'm just flying around robbing innocent people, which feels a little, well, weird. I started off pushing things too far, trying to steal multiple loads before heading home and always dying in the process, so now I've settled into a rhythm of robbing one or two ships and then quickly heading back to save. It seems to be working okay, but it's darned slow going. I was hoping I'd be able to quickly work my way up and start upgrading my ship, but so far I haven't upgraded a single thing (or even seen anything for sale). There's a manufacturing section of the game where I can create new things, but I think I need blueprints before I can do it. It involves vapourising the cargo I currently have to trade, so I haven't tried it yet. I have seen some blueprints for trade on the boards, but I don't have the requisite items they want to trade yet. Anyway, it is good fun, I just wish I felt like I was getting somewhere a bit more. The other good thing about it is there's a lot of hyperspacing around various systems, which takes a while and means I have time to sit and type this while in mid-travel. Oop, I've just arrived back at my base, better go. Off work next week, but I doubt I'll have much time for gaming, so things should resume the following week.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Time Flies When You're Having No Fun At All

Just a quick update to say there has been no update. End-of-year work is still ruling the roost and I've barely touched a game since the last post. I did try and have a quick go at Bloodwych a couple of times only to get immensely frustrated at my lack of being able to even get out of the first room. I considered rage quitting and moving on to the next game, but I felt I should give it a bit more of a chance. So, I dug around my room for a bit and finally found some graph paper. Yep, I'm going back to the old school and mapping the sucker. I haven't had time to make a start on it yet, but I'll do so before the next update (if I don't go off and play I-War 2 instead). I have a couple of days off now, so hopefully I'll be back feeling refreshed and a bit less manic next week.

In other news, the new PS3 appeared in good time last week, but when I tried to put my bigger HDD in I found that some idiot had obviously used a power drill to put the mounting screws in and completely stripped the heads. Yay. So I rang them up again and they're supposed to be sending me out a new hard drive enclosure. They said they'd send it straight away, but no sign of it yet. AAARRRGGHHH. Why aren't these things ever easy? Needless to say, the PS3 won't be getting any love until I've got the proper HDD in (and probably not much after that...poor PS3).

Monday, 12 November 2012

Work = Life

Not much time for anything at the mo', so just a quick update. I did finish the mission pack for Independence War, so I'm moving on to I-War 2: Edge of Chaos on the series list. Not much to say about the Defiance mission pack - it was always going to be more of the same, I guess, but it really did feel like just more of the same, and I really didn't feel like it. It told the other side of the main war in the first game, but it ultimately wasn't that interesting. There were a couple of missions where things were done a bit differently, e.g where you had to be more stealthy...but stealthy in a space game isn't that great. It essentially boiled down to sitting 30 kilometers away from my target with all my ship's systems powered down watching a few blips on my radar and waiting for them to disappear. Not fun. Especially not when you move slightly and immediately fail the mission. Anyway, the sequel, by all accounts, is a completely different beast. It's more like, say, Privateer compared to Wing Commander. Less of a mission-based campaign, and more of work-your-way-up career. I'm looking forward to the change of emphasis and pace (though a bit worried that it might last forever).

On the single game front, Descent to Undermountain turned out to be another disappointment. Not in terms of gameplay, because I didn't actually get the chance to play the game (although it is supposed to be a bit rubbish, so I'm probably not missing much). I spent a while creating a character (lovely character portraits, by the way), and then set off to start my life as a hero by wiping out a small band of marauding kobolds. I entered the Yawning Portal tavern which contains (as you might guess) the entrance to Undermountain. I winced at the appalling 3D graphics and ugly, ugly sprites. I entered the first door in Undermountain and...CRASH. I tried again a couple of times with the same result and swiftly gave up. Oh well, onwards!

The next game on the list is...Bloodwych! It's an RPG from '89, popular on the Amiga and ported to the PC. I've heard it's a pretty tedious game, but hey, it's always worth a go.

In other news, my $#&@ing PS3 died again over the weekend. Long-time blog readers may remember it died right back when I started this, so I'm pretty annoyed that it's bricked again, especially as I've hardly played it this year due to the arrival of a certain wonderfully cute baby. Anyway, the good news is that Sony agreed with me that it shouldn't have blown up again so soon, so they've agreed to fix it for free. I rang them up this afternoon and there's a bloke coming to pick it up tomorrow, and a new one should be sent out within a week. So, pleased with the service even though I'm totally disappointed with the product.