Friday, 30 November 2012

Independent Woman (at war)

So, I plumped for I-War 2 in the end. I've got a super-secret day off  (shhh!) and I wanted to play something I knew might be fun. And was it fun? Ummm, yeah, after a while. To begin with it was the most irritating thing in the world ever mainly because they'd changed the controls around after the first game and it took me ages to get the hang of using them. After a while (and a lot of deaths), I did manage to work it out and things got easier after that. I managed to get through the prelude section (where you play a younger version of the main character) and then onto the main game itself. I'm currently doing the game's version of grinding, which in this case is space piracy. I forgot to mention that you play a space pirate in the game...I'm sure he's going to be honourable in the end...but at the moment I'm just flying around robbing innocent people, which feels a little, well, weird. I started off pushing things too far, trying to steal multiple loads before heading home and always dying in the process, so now I've settled into a rhythm of robbing one or two ships and then quickly heading back to save. It seems to be working okay, but it's darned slow going. I was hoping I'd be able to quickly work my way up and start upgrading my ship, but so far I haven't upgraded a single thing (or even seen anything for sale). There's a manufacturing section of the game where I can create new things, but I think I need blueprints before I can do it. It involves vapourising the cargo I currently have to trade, so I haven't tried it yet. I have seen some blueprints for trade on the boards, but I don't have the requisite items they want to trade yet. Anyway, it is good fun, I just wish I felt like I was getting somewhere a bit more. The other good thing about it is there's a lot of hyperspacing around various systems, which takes a while and means I have time to sit and type this while in mid-travel. Oop, I've just arrived back at my base, better go. Off work next week, but I doubt I'll have much time for gaming, so things should resume the following week.

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