Friday, 14 December 2012

It's a Pirate's Life For Me

Out last week and busy this week, so today's the first day I've had a chance to get back on the game wagon. It took a little while to remember how to play I-War, but it's pretty fun now I'm back on board. I'm still stealing my way up the ladder as a pirate, but there's been quite a bit of story progress at the same time. I joined a clan and worked my way up their ranks by doing various missions, and I've just been asked to join the next clan above them. Like the previous game, the missions are all very diverse and interesting - for example, my latest was to pick up a bunch of old offline gunstars (basically floating laser turrets) and, of course, something went wrong when I went to pick them up and they all came back online and immediately identified me as a threat. Luckily, they were faulty (that's why they were offline) and had intermittent power failure, so I had to sneakily dock onto each one when the power was down and send my engineer on board to neutralise them. As another example - the mission I've just started involves space graffiti, I've been given a paint droid and I need to fly it out to a rival's base and sneakily spray-paint the visiting governor's ship without him noticing. I've also been getting a bunch of useful cargo and have started trading and upgrading my ship - nothing that exciting, some new weapons and shields and a slightly better engine, but it feels like I'm making progress. It's generally good fun, but one thing has irked me a bit, and that's that you'll randomly get incoming distress calls from freighters being attacked by pirates. Nothing intrinsically wrong with that, it makes the game a bit more dynamic if you suddenly get called away to do things, but it always seems to happen right in the middle of another mission, and can screw things up if you leave half-way through a mission to answer their calls for help. So, what I've started doing is just ignoring them, which feels a little wrong. "No, sorry, I can't come to save your life, I'm mid-way through painting an awesome tag on the side of this ship..."

I'm also stricken with bad, BAD, man flu. I may not recover.

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