Monday, 17 December 2012

PlayStation 4

Just a quick post to say AJGJERJGERIGJ $I$#TJ$@#$T RGJ ERGJEKGJREKRJG.

The flippin' PS3 has just died again after barely a month, in which time I played it for maybe half an hour. And it's still got a disk stuck in it, which is great. I think it's fair to say that the original model has reached the end of its natural lifespan. My first PS3 lasted about 4 years, its refurb replacement from Sony lasted about a year, and this latest one lasted only a couple of months. When I spoke to the guy on the phone this morning he said that they were no longer providing refurb original units, so I guess they'd realised it wasn't worth it, too. Why did I want a refurb every time rather than a new model (which I was offered every time)? Because of backwards compatibility. The original could play PS2 games, but the new models can't. That means, unfortunately, that I now have no way of playing PS2 games (well, I have an original PS2 in the attic, but I'm not sure Kate would let me have that out downstairs). I think I might have a look into how PS2 emulators have come along on the PC. Last time I looked they could just about do homebrew, but that was years ago. I don't know if my desktop machine would be able to run it sufficiently, but I got hold of a knackered old work laptop last week (still more powerful than my old PC) that I'm hoping to get up and running as a gaming rig. It barely boots at the moment, and I think the problem is with the memory, so I'm going to get hold of some new RAM and see if that works - if it does, then it'll be a cheap new computer for me. If it doesn't,'ll be a heavier bin bag this week.

So, in summary, computers are rubbish and evil. I'm onto my fourth PS3, and it better bleedin' work when it turns up later this week.


  1. Sony are f£&kwits, who have virtually succeeded in killing off the play station from its position in the clouds up high. I expect you'll be going eggsbox soon you microsorft lover.

    Oh, and while we're at it, what has Nintendo done with the ds? It's added loads of letters to it that's what because its done a gnvq, pgce, aat and has finished it's phd. It's now Nintendo DS BA (Hons) AAT BAT 3D PhD Professor Emertus of CloudCockCooLand Wi-U Phew.

  2. My DS gets no love from me at the moment. I'm thinking of sending it back to uni to get some more of those fancy letters after its name. It just can't compete with the handiness of my phone, which is just always there whenever I want a few minutes of retrojoy. I'm sure I'll get back to it one day, but that might also mean adding a bunch of DS games to the list...aarrgghh.