Monday, 28 January 2013


I had a bit of free time at the weekend, so I decided to hit Bloodwych a bit more. and I kind of wish I hadn't.  I got off the level I was on, and the next one, but I still couldn't find any indication of where I was or what I was supposed to be doing. Was I still stuck in the infernal inn? Had I escaped from the inn and made it into a dungeon? Was I in one of the towers I was supposed to be exploring (and if so, how does going down from an inn lead into a tower)? Dungeon crawlers like this are always mazes, I understand that, but mazes full of invisible spinners combined with a compass spell that only lasts a few seconds  mean that mapping the thing is absolute hell, and I just don't have the patience for it at the moment. Sorry Bloodwych, you're moving into the Done pile for now (NB: I've still got the save game, just in case I decide to go back to it in 20 years, haha!). The screengrab shows me stuck in one of the many mazes, with one of my characters taking damage through hunger because I'd been wandering around aimlessly for so long. Did I mention that I hate games where there's some kind of hunger stat and you have to keep eating? I guess it adds a timer element to the game (especially as monsters don't respawn here, so food is limited), but I like having the option to wander about and take my time. I know the world's at risk from an evil wizard and all that, but I'm sure it could wait a little while so I can admire the scenery. (Side note - there is a remake of this game called Hexx, which I'll be coming to one day on the blog...hopefully not for a while.)

Ah well, next up on the randometer is...Space Crusade! Ooh, this is a conversion of the board game we used to play back at school. Expect genestealers-a-plenty, and Ben singing along to the sound of bolt rifles (is bolt rifles right? I seem to remember they were called bolt somethings, but I imagine them as being more pistol sized...bolt pistols? That doesn't sound right either. I guess I'll find out soon enough.). Weirdly, I think this is going to be quite similar to UFO, but I think I'll go with Space Crusade first and then make a start on UFO.

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