Friday, 25 January 2013

Every Wych Way But Loose

I did my best. I really did. I tried to get off the first darned level of Bloodwych, but I'm still stuck there. I have made some progress, though. I've got my whole party of four folk together, and they've all gone up a level and learned a new spell or two, so I'm getting somewhere...just not making any actual progress with the game. But I did make a map...not a paper one after all, but a digital one. And it went wrong. It was all going well, then I went up some stairs (thinking I was going up to the next level) crossed a corridor, and went down again the other side. And that...umm...confused me. I assumed I was coming back down onto the same map so I carried on mapping from the other side of the stairs, but it didn't seem to tally up and my new map kept on running back into walls on my old map, so I just had to leave areas unmapped. Anyway, that made me think that I must have actually come down on another level, so I was about to give up on my map when I opened up a secret door in a wall somewhere and ended up...back on the old map. So it was the same level, it had just got out of sync with the going up and down stairs. Anyway, it's a bit of a mess, but I'll try and stick it in the blog. There we go. So, that thing that looks like a rubbish crossword is my mess of a map. Remember that according to the manual this is supposed to be the inn that I woke up in. What kind of crazy fool would design an inn like this? The top-left bit is the bit that got mucked up going up and down the steps and lost in a maze with a spinner and no compass. I guess it should have all been shunted up a couple more squares to make the map more of a square. I'm somewhere in the bottom-right corner at the moment. Can't remember where, unfortunately, but I'll try and pick it up again next week. Hopefully then I can get out of this ridiculous pub and work out what I'm supposed to be doing in this weird game. I don't know if there's going to be any kind of outdoor segment - the manual wasn't too revealing - so who knows what I'll find when I get out. I'm determined to make at least a little headway in this before I give up and install UFO.

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