Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back from crusade

For some strange, masochistic reason, I went back and finished Space Crusade. The remaining missions didn't take *that* long, so it wasn't as much of a chore as I thought it might be. It wasn't until the final mission that the difficulty really ramped up (although I did kill myself once more along the way by getting sucked out of an airlock. Idiot.). Even the final mission wasn't that bad, but that was partly because of some door abuse.  If you close a door whilst an enemy is standing in it then the enemy is squashed and killed. It's not normally that much of an advantage because you have to be standing next to a door to operate it. However, there is a random event card that gives you the ability to open and close doors at will throughout the entire level and for the remainder of the mission. By some amazing stroke of luck, this event happened right at the beginning of the final mission, and I must have killed half of the aliens simply by remotely closing doors they were standing under, even though they were half-way across the map. It was beautiful. What wasn't quite so beautiful was the ending. That ugly mug you see in the screenshot was it. Well, technically, that's the ending you get for any successful mission, but that was all I got at the end as well (and a promotion in rank...but what was the point in that?). Ho hum.

Onwards! The next game up on the randometer is...Superhero League of Hoboken! I don't really know much about this one, but it sounds interesting. An adventure/RPG hybrid that's set in a surreal post-apocalyptic version of earth where you control a bunch of superheroes out to save the world. I might even give it a quick look before moving on to UFO.

Oh, and in other exciting news, I passed the first test of resolve to not buy a game this year! Half-minute Hero was on sale on Steam for only 2.37, and I wanted it sooooo much. However, I managed to stamp on the rising cobra of temptation and defeat the tyranny of Gabe Newell's rampaging electrical behemoth. Ummm, anyway, I didn't buy a game. Yay me.

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