Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bad to the Bone

Well that was refreshing! Bad Street Brawler is a very basic beat-em-up with a couple of gimmicks. First up are the grannies. On every level, as well as the normal enemies you have to beat up, there are grannies who you have to avoid. If you hit one of the grannies then she'll come after you. If you hit enough of them then they'll come after you for the rest of the game. The annoying thing is that they don't just wander across the screen, they hover around you for a while meaning that you can't hit any baddies for fear of hitting the granny instead. Once they've irritated you for 10 seconds or so, they properly wander away, usually leaving you battered on the floor. The other gimmick is that your attacks change depending on what level you're on. On one level you might have a simple punch, on the next you might have a head butt, on the next you might have a glorious jumping kick, and so on. Some enemies can also only be beaten by certain attacks, dogs can only be patted on the head to make them go away, giant basketball players have to be pounded into the ground, motorcyclists have to be kicked off their bikes, and so on. It's quite a fun little thing that adds a bit of variety to the otherwise dull levels. As far as gimmicks go, I think they're both not bad ones, and I don't know why they weren't inherited by other games in the genre. It would have been cool to have a few innocent pedestrians in Streets of Rage, or to have your attacks change as the game went on. That's not to say this is a great game, though. It's showing its age - you play a Hulk Hogan style character with about 4 frames of animation, and there's a limited number of enemies in the very short levels. There are also only 10 levels, and once you hit 10 it just starts cycling through the last few over and over again. There's no boss (to speak of, though you do fight tougher baddies at the end of levels) or ending - the only object is to keep going as long as you can and then hit the top spot in the leader board when you die.

Another one down, though. Yay! Next up on the randometer is...Hi-Octane. It's a racing game from Bullfrog. I remember playing a demo of it back in the day, but not much more than that. Racing games aren't my favourite genre, so I'll see how I get on with it.

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