Friday, 26 April 2013

IFO - Enemy Known

I finally got back to, and finished, UFO tonight. My predicament actually turned out to be a benefit. Before I ran out of fuel, I'd been rushing out and shooting down UFOs the second I saw them, which was great for morale, but didn't really help in acquiring usable tech or aliens to question. Without any fuel for my Firestorm planes, I was forced to wait until the aliens landed or built bases, and then sent out my Skyrangers to dump a load of troops on them. This meant I started picking up loads of alien tech (including the fuel I needed) from the undamaged craft and bases, but I also started capturing alien leaders and getting the information I needed from them in order to advance the plot. Sure, it also meant I got in a lot of trouble with my backers, and India ended up defecting and signing a pact with the aliens, but it was worth it in the end. I soon had enough fuel and tech to build the Avenger plane, load it up with my best troops, and ship the whole kaboodle off to the alien base on Mars. Once there, it didn't take long (okay, okay, so I had to save it after every combat and reload multiple times) to find the mother brain behind the whole operation and destroy it.

It took me a lot longer than I'd have liked to get through it, but it was a hugely enjoyable game. Highly recommended even after all these years. Next up is the sequel, Terror from the Deep. From what I know of it, it was a pretty quick follow up - essentially a re-skin for an underwater setting with a few engine tweaks. It's also going to be quite a bit harder - partly because they ramped up the difficulty for experienced players, and partly because there was a bug in the original game that meant no matter what difficulty you chose, it was always stuck on Easy. I'll drop into Magebane before starting up TFTD, though. I had a very quick look at it a couple of days ago, it's a strange, top-down action-RPG where you control a trio of characters - sort of joined together - who have to travel about fighting folk. More on it soon.

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