Friday, 17 May 2013

Better than 100%

After I don't know how many hours, I finally finished Borderlands last night (yes, that's Borderlands 1, not 2). I actually killed the big boss a while back, but I've been playing through the DLC and finishing up bits and bobs. And, completely pointless as it may be, I finally got my first ever platinum trophy on the PS3! To be honest, I probably won't be getting too many of them, as most of them involve online play or multiple playthroughs, neither of which I'll be doing much of - the Borderlands one did ask for a small element of these, too, but it wasn't too hard to get around. You only had to play through the first few levels with each character, which didn't take too long, and the multiplayer bits could be done in split-screen mode. Yes, I'm sad enough that I sat on my lonesome with two controllers plugged in and played through a bunch of missions like that just so I could get the final multiplayer trophy in order to get platinum. Anyway, it finally dinged last night, and I'm happy it's done. That platinum means I 100%ed the main game, but I certainly didn't do the same with the DLC. I finished the storyline missions in them all (other than the arena DLC, which really didn't suit my long-distance sniper character at all), but I didn't do all the side missions. That's because, and let's be honest here, some of them are just stupid wastes of time - and I say that as a guy who's more than happy to stupidly sit and waste his time playing games anyway. The remaining missions are all utterly pointless "kill X baddies to collect X items" quests. Worse than that, they're not even of the "tedious, but quick" variety - I can handle being told to go off and kill 10 ducks to collect 10 duck bills, but when it gets to the stage of collecting 250 duck bills, and I've got to head-shot each duck to get its bill, then you can sod right off. That's combined with the obnoxious "random rare drops" mechanic, so you've got to collect 5 duck's tail feathers as well, which doesn't sound as bad as 250 bills, but when you only have a 1% chance of getting a feather from each duck, then you JUST SAY NO. And you say it very loudly. Sometimes even screaming it whilst throwing your controller around (or two controllers if you're the sad, lonely type) and wishing the evil game came on a disk just so that you could have the pleasure of snapping the damned thing in half. Needless to say, I'm not bothering with those missions. So, I didn't 100% the game, and I'm never going to 100% the game, but I got my platinum and that feels good.

Not sure what my next PS3 game will be - maybe finishing Ratchet and Clank, as I already have that installed...unless the randometer throws up another PlayStation title in the meantime. This month's Plus brings Kingdoms of Amalur and Dark Souls, both of which I really fancy playing, so I might treat myself by going off-random and playing one of those later on...

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