Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Ugh, so the slow quest continues. Ironically, I've played less of these old games because I've had more time in the evenings recently. So instead of booting up DOS, I've been settling down on the sofa playing Kingdoms of Amalur on the PS3. It's not a bad game at all - your standard Elder Scrolls-alike with a ton of things to do and time to waste. I've been doing my usual thing with these sorts of games and leaving the main quest as soon as I can and spending all my time doing pointless side-quests. It's the foolish completionist in me, I don't want anything to get locked out by my progress on the main quest, so I want to finish as much as I possibly can before moving on. Amalur is a game of serious side quests. There are hundreds of them and every new location you enter has some NPCs with more and more quests...then there are faction quests, hidden lorestones to find, reagants to pick (oh, sweet reagants), and much, much more. I've no idea how far I am in the game, but I'm enjoying bumbling through the world talking to folk and gaining the odd XP every now and then.

Anyway, the good news is that I'm done with Epic Baseball, the bad news is that it was rubbish. A couple of things, first up, it was a total stat-heavy management sim, of which I really have no interest. Secondly, it was only a shareware demo, so you could only play a couple of teams and had limited options. So, all in all, it was never going to grab me. I couldn't work out what half of the plays in the playbook were, or when I should be doing them. My boys managed to hit a few balls, but were roundly thrashed by the opposition. I gave up after a couple of quick games.

Next up on the Randometer is...Quake! Ooh, I've completed the base game a few times in my youth, but never tried the two mission packs, so looking forward to those. My brother was a proper Quake-head back in the day, so I played the first two games a lot, but I only have the first one on me now. It'll be something nice and visceral to get back into.

In other news, I'm still keeping to my no new games this year rule. I had to bite my fingers to stop them from spending money in the Steam and Gog summer sales, but I managed to make it through (I did buy a couple of bits of cheap DLC, but that doesn't count!). Just the end of year sales to go now...

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