Friday, 20 September 2013

Same old, same old

I've played a little more X-Com Apocalypse, so I figured I'd put down a few thoughts. First up, the game isn't quite what I expected. I saw the different environment and the addition of factions in the city and thought I was in for some markedly different gameplay, but's the same. The factions basically take the place of countries in the old X-Coms - you're trying to keep them happy to increase your funding. The city map itself doesn't really do anything different either, it may as well be a reskin of the world map - it's just a backdrop for you to build bases on, fly around in and for aliens to attack. I guess it's different in that you can have ground vehicles as well as flying ones, but that doesn't really change the mechanics much (and I haven't yet seen much reason (other than price) why not to stick with planes). So essentially, you're doing the same things as in the old games, but with a little more complexity - more types of vehicle and ways to equip them, different types of research, different types of soldier - humans and androids, and so on. I'm still in very much the early stages of the game, only having researched the first view items, but so far it's 9/10 on the de ja vu scale. Is that a bad thing? No, I guess not. The pure X-Com gameplay is still there and as compelling as ever, I was just expecting something more. Maybe that's why they departed so radically from the formula for the following games? Anyway, I'm enjoying it well enough, just not really getting a lot of time to dedicate to it. I've also been playing a bit more Kingdoms of Amalur. Nothing really to report there, just grinding through sidequests, but it's still good fun. Actually, it crashed last time I played and I'm worried it'll have lost the hour or two's progress I'd put in (typically it happened at the end of a rare decent gaming session. I guess I'll see next time I boot it up.

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