Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello 2014!

Hello 2014, happy new year and...oh dear, that didn't go very well, did it? So, I didn't quite manage to finish any other games last year. I made a start on is like Diablo, but in 3D and slightly more confusing, and nowhere near as good. Still fun, though. The most problematic thing about it is that it keeps randomly crashing, no idea why, but it happens very frequently and without warning, leading to a lot of cursing and swearing on my behalf and having to go back and slowly retrace my steps. Luckily, there is a one-button quick save function, so as long as I remember to hit that every minute or so everything's cool. It's quite a slow game - and feels bigger than Diablo, so I might be stuck in it for a while. Same goes for X-Com: Interceptor. That's been the story of the year, really. I feel like X-Com really bogged me down, much as I enjoyed it, and I've still got three games in the series to finish! Must try harder. Onwards to the stats!

This time last year we started out with:
   Done: 275
   Total: 3315
   Completed: 8.3%

I was aiming for 10%, even though I knew it was going to be near impossible. Did I make it? Here's where we stand at the start of 2014:
   Done: 313
   Total: 3440
   Completed: 9.1%

Which means, for all you maths fans out there, my totals for the year were:
   Done: 38
   Total: 125
   Completed: 0.8%

...which is slightly depressing. Finishing 38 games in the year isn't too bad, I didn't realise it was that many, but the number of games added to the list is crazy. Especially for a year when I wasn't supposed to be buying any games! A big bunch of those are through PS Plus, but still...yikes, that's a lot! And because of that ratio it means I didn't even hit 1% on the completed target. I guess the plan for this year remains the same as last year - buy less games; complete more games; and get to that fabled 10%. I also want to hit a few more of those series. As mentioned, I really got a bit bogged down in X-Com, so I want to get through the remaining games there and move on. In other news, the first Plus game of 2014 is Borderlands 2, so I can get addicted to that all over again. Yay! If anyone fancies hopping in for a bit of co-op then I'm totally up for it. I also have a perforated eardrum and am off my face on Codeine, so that's fun.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2014, and hopefully I'll catch up with you online, offline, or between the lines sometime soon.

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