Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Not Much Cop

Well that didn't take long! Not only was Robocop 1 buggy, but Robocop 3 was, too. As mentioned before, Robocop 1 crashed as soon as I tried to fire a gun, which is something of a problem in a Robocop game, so that was out. I have played it before, though (on someone's C64 at school, I think), so I know a little about it. It's a pretty basic Ocean side-scroller, which falls into the template all of the games of that ilk seemed to - you walk right and you shoot things. One of the biggest innovations of Robocop (that I recall) was that it allowed you to fire straight up and diagonally up. What I remember most about it was the goofy pose that Robocop stands in when firing up (and when getting hit). I also vaguely remember some kind of photofit minigame, but I didn't get to see that here. It's a shame, as I quite fancied giving it a blast.

Robocop 3 is a completely different beast. This one was made by DID (who made a bunch of well-respected flight sims), and their pedigree shows here. It's a completely 3D shooter, which I remember being wowed by at the time. The game has a movie mode that follows the film and links together a set of action set pieces with some cut scenes. The whole thing looks great, and does a good job of drawing you in. I got to play through the first two sections before the game crashed (I tried two different versions, and it did exactly the same thing). The first section was a 3D driving segment, with me chasing a stolen van, only to receive a call that my partner was in trouble and I needed to help. It gives a location, but I've no idea how I was supposed to find it on the map (unless the manual contained an annotated map?). Anyway, after driving around for a while, I found the right place and rushed in to help my partner. Here, the game cuts to a first person view of Robocop and you stalk through the building shooting goons and avoiding innocents. It all looks great and plays well, so it's a real shame that after the next cut scene the game crashes. Ah well. It was all quite well timed with the release of the new Robocop film, too.

Next up on the series list is one I'm definitely looking forward to, the SSI Buck Rogers games. I used to have the first game back in the day (another one from the Middle-Eastern bounty of George's dad, I think), and I played it to death, completing it a couple of times. It's the standard SSI gold box engine, but all set in the TSR Buck Rogers game world. I can't wait to give it another go, and I'm looking forward to trying the second game, which I haven't played yet.

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