Tuesday, 11 February 2014


The Paladin games are both incredibly similar to each other, and they share the same issues, so I'll cover them in one post. They're turn-based strategy games in the same vein as UFO, but a lot more basic. They're set in a fantasy world, and you play the titular paladin who takes on quests along with a party of like-minded individuals assigned to you for each adventure. The paladin is the only one who matters, though - he carries on between quests while the rest of the party are just expendable. The party differs in size and composition, and you control everyone individually, turn-by-turn. It's a hard game, too. At the start, you'll often find yourself missing every attack while enemies ruthlessly slaughter your party. It's quite satisfying when you engineer your group into surrounding a lone enemy and manage to destroy him without taking a hit, but the biggest problem I had with the game was its speed. The whole thing (this goes for both games) is just sooooo sloooow. Your guys can walk a fairly decent distance in a turn, but you have to do it one screen at a time (about 5 squares), so it's 'click', wait for the screen to scroll, 'click', wait for the screen to scroll, 'click', etc., etc. And, of course, on every map you can almost guarantee that you'll start in one corner and the map exit's in the other corner...And you have to get every single member of your party to the exit. When you have 8 members in your party, that takes a long, long, long time. So long that I couldn't take it any longer and quit. Actually, that's not quite true. I was attempting to stick it out, and I'd completed three quests before I used a sphere of fireballs and accidentally aimed too close to my paladin (it was the first time I'd used one) and ended up killing him. Not too bad, I thought, I'll just start the quest again...which was when I realised the game had permadeath and when my paladin had died it had wiped the game file. There was no way I was going through all that again.

Paladin 2 is much the same as its predecessor. They've fixed a couple of the issues, such as moving diagonally and allowing you to draw paths for movement, but the game is still glacially slow. If possible, it even feels slower than the first game. There's no story to speak of in either game, each quest stands alone (there are a couple that are linked, but only with each other, not in a greater arc), and when you complete a mission your paladin usually only gains a point or two of accuracy meaning he hits more often and does a bit more damage. There's not enough to keep me interested and the time it was taking totally put me off. Onwards! Next up on the series list is the Robocop games. I only have 1 and 3 here. I'm not sure if 2 was even released for PC. I had a quick look at the first game, but although I can run around quite happily, as soon as I hit fire the game hangs. I'll see if there's a way around it, otherwise I'll be moving straight on to 3.

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