Friday, 7 March 2014

Matrix Progress

More sick kids this week, so not much time for gaming. I have made a bit more progress with Matrix Cubed. I think I must be about half way through it at this point. The game feels longer than Countdown and has more varied environments. For example, I've battled through a holographic prison cell, a 25th century pirate radio station, and a ratwurst den amongst other places (ratwursts being mutant rats, of course). It's all in the name of tracking down a bunch of scientists to build the Matrix device (I've completely forgotten what the Matrix device is supposed to do - don't tell Buck - but I'm sure I'll hit some more exposition soon). In fact, exposition is sometimes a bit thin on the ground in this game. I seem to remember there being a lot more of it in Countdown. As an example, at the moment I'm supposed to be tracking down a scientist in the PURGE (the evil guys) base, and that's all Buck tells me to do, but I've no idea where in the galaxy the base is. I'm sure I must have been told once upon a time, and I probably should have written it down, but I'm so used to games keeping journals for me that I haven't been writing anything down. I am enjoying it, though, but the combats are giving me a little grief. One of the worst things, and this goes for all of the Gold Box games, is loot. When you complete a battle, you'll get a ton of loot, but the vast majority of it (in fact, pretty much all of it) is much worse than what you're carrying. I guess it makes sense, if you defeat 10 Martian Warriors then you're going to be left with 10 space suits and 10 laser pistols, but it would have been nice for them to perhaps just highlight the stuff that's better than what you currently have - kind of like in the D&D games where it highlights any magic items amongst the hoard of junk. Anyway, I'll keep trecking through it and will hopefully get it signed off next week.

I'm afraid to say I haven't touched Black and White again day. I did also start on Mass Effect in a fit of naughtiness. I don't know if it was all the Buck Rogers getting me in the mood for a space epic. I haven't got very far in it, only the first area and one side quest, but it looks pretty fun. I might continue chipping away at it in the background.

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