Thursday, 29 May 2014

Escape Super Rosenovacliff Island

A bit of an update lump today. I finished Supernova a couple of days ago but haven't had time to post about it, then completed Escape Rosecliff Island tonight, so thought I'd better pop out a quick one (ooh err). Supernova was a very old-school text adventure complete with one of my pet hates - a dumb parser. That's a bit unfair, as it's incredibly difficult to build a parser that understands natural language - and I'm fine with that - but what I hate is annoying things that could have been easily fixed by the programmer. In this case, it's sitting in chairs. It's more common than you think in text adventures (and in real life), and it annoys the heck out of me every time. So, my guy enters a room and sees a chair. He sits in said chair to interact with something. I then want him to leave the room when he's done, so I tell him the direction to go in and the computer need to stand up first. Really? If you're going to take the time to berate me for not standing up, then you may as well have spent that time programming the character to automatically stand up when I want to move. It drives me mad! Other than that, though, the parser wasn't too bad (oh, except there was no 'use' verb, so you had to type the specific verb it was looking for. Why not just have a general 'use'? It makes things so much easier.). You're a miner in space looking for a way to get out of your crummy existence, and you overhear a couple of aliens talking in a bar which takes you off on a crazy quest. It took multiple maps in the style I remember doing for the old BBC text adventures (I'm sure I still have my Sphinx Adventure maps somewhere), but I got there in the end. It also annoyingly wouldn't save for some reason, so I had to start from the beginning every time. Luckily, it didn't take too long (I took to writing out long sequences of commands on paper so I could just type them in to get me back to the place I was before I died). It was certainly no classic of the genre, but it was fine for what it was.

I also finished Escape Rosecliff Island (I always want to add a 'from' in there). It's a Hidden Object game that I've been doing a bit of every now and then when I'm up early in the mornings. Fairly brainless, and more just something to pass the time rather than any actual enjoyment. There are waaaay too many levels where you're finding the same objects on the same screens over and over again, which is why I don't think I could have done it in anything other than incredibly short bursts. The game does nothing special to set it apart from every other Hidden Object game until right at the very end when it has you performing different tasks to actually escape from the island. This bit was actually quite fun and fast-paced, so I don't know why they didn't have more of it throughout the would have made it a lot more fun. 

Anyway, that's two more down and only another few thousand left to go! Next up on the randometer is...Hard Nova. Ooh, another nova! I remember this one from magazines back in the day. I always wanted to play it back then, so hopefully it'll live up to my memories. It's some kind of space RPG, so I look forward to giving it a go. First, though, I really must get into Ishar.

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