Friday, 2 May 2014

Sacre(d) Bleu!

Not a great deal of news, but it's been a while without an update. I've been beavering away a little at Sacred, but as with all of those kinds of games, progress is measured in an extra point of damage here or an extra 0.1% experience gain there. There is a story somewhere, but to be honest, it's all about the stats. I read up a little on it, and people seem to suggest that you play at easy (bronze) level for a while and then export your character and start all over again with him on medium (silver) level so you get better loot. But I say "Bums to that", so I'm going to continue on easy level and put up with duff loot. I've only uncovered something like 5% of the map so far, so I think I've still got a long way to go with it. It is good fun, though. I'm currently playing a Wood Elf, but some of the other characters do look quite interesting, so I might pick it up again as a different character one day...nah, who am I trying to kid! I did have one annoyance the other day when the game crashed without me saving it after a decent session, and then when I started it up again everything was corrupt. I thought I might have to give up on it, but I gave it a full reboot and the next time I loaded it the game looked okay, so I think we're back on. There's also an expansion pack after the main game's finished, so I'll be on it for a while.

I haven't started Ishar yet - well, that's not quite true, it looks like my version of Ishar doesn't work, so I'm going to have a quick look and see if I can find a working copy. In other news, I did finish Mass Effect on the PS3. It's a really enjoyable game that lives up to its reputation, and I'm really looking forward to taking my girl-power team into the next game. I chose perhaps the most inappropriate skills (bringing a sniper rife to an in-your-face action game), but my girls still cruised through the combat sections in style (only standing directly in the way of my rifle a few times). The less said about the lifts, the better, but it was mostly a joy. Bring on ME2. (And here's a picture of Ashley because I feel bad about killing her!)

Update: It turns out Ishar does work after all. I was stuck at a language select screen where you had to type a number to choose your language. Nothing I pressed worked, so I assumed the copy I had was broken. Turns out you actually need to press the key on the num-pad, not the ones on the top of the keyboard like any logical human being would press. Anyway, I just tried it and it worked, so I'll give it a go one day soon.

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