Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ish upon a Star

I really did give Ishar 1 a decent run. I think I must have been about half way through the idea really though...before it crashed on me. It was a weird bug where I could still move around everywhere, but I couldn't attack anything, the button just didn't respond at all. Also, no monsters would attack me, they'd just run up to me and stand there. That very quickly became a problem because you can't move through monsters, so once you're're stuck. I hadn't saved in a while (in Ishar you have to pay quite a big chunk of money to save), and I really didn't fancy reloading and doing it all again. So, that's enough of Ishar 1 for me. I'll move on to the next game in the series.

A little bit about Ishar - it's an old flick-screen RPG, in the style of Dungeon Master, etc., but the developers tried their best to make it a massive open world. They did pretty well with the technology available at the time, but that technology really doesn't hold up today. Most screens look the same, and there's no automap, so it's incredibly easy to get lost. The main game map is made up of a bunch of regions (often bordered by rivers), so you can roughly tell what general area you're in (the screen tells you your region), but it's impossible to know your exact position. It's a shame, because it feels like they had some good ideas, they just weren't able to really accomplish them in a meaningful way (through today's eyes, anyway). Let's hope the next game in the series improves things...onwards!

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