Monday, 21 July 2014

Fable Tabled

Away last week, so not much happened. I did have a chance to try out Fable on the Surface and it seemed to work fine. I decided to play Surface games on the big TV downstairs (it keeps the tablet cooler and, hey, it looks better), so I'm going to add those to the PS3 list instead of the normal list. Yes, I know I have a lot of lists. The good news is that means it's time to spin the wheel again.

Next up on the randometer is...Megapede! An old-school clone of Centipede with ASCII graphics. I might just have a quick go at it now and see if I can ring all of the juice from it.
And I'm spent. I don't think I'll be playing much more of that. It's actually a pretty fun and faithful adaptation, but I was always pretty rubbish at Centipede, and that fact didn't change with this version. Still, it's another game to tick off - yay. Onwards.

Next up on the randometer is...Strider! Gosh. I played Strider a bit back in the day but I was always fairly rubbish at it (there's a pattern emerging here). I think we used to play it on someone's Amiga at school, I don't think I've ever tried the (1989) PC version before, though. I should try and hit Ishar 3, too. That fills me with dread a bit. but there's better games coming up on the series list that I want to get to.

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