Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Furious Without Wings

Okay, a bit of a cop-out, I admit, but I couldn't even take off from the aircraft carrier. I couldn't find the manual, so I was flying blind. I managed to start the engine and fly off the end of the ship, but then couldn't work out how to lift the nose and actually take to the sky. That meant the result of every one of my sorties was the screenshot you see before you, a rapidly sinking P-51.

Oh well. Next up on the randometer is... MAG! Apperently it's an ASCII rogue-like from the 80s, but I've not heard of it before. Sounds like it might be time to go back and give Ultima 3 a bit more of a spin. I've made a bit of headway in my information gathering, but it's pretty slow going.

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