Monday, 20 October 2014

Grandad Turismo

It turns out Gran Turismo HD Concept was even more of a demo than I thought. There's only one track and a handful of cars, all of which had already been unlocked years ago by my brother who played it for about 10 minutes when he visited once (he likes driving games). So, I had a couple of races and then called it quits. It's the first time I've played a current-gen (okay, you can probably call it last-gen) driving game in years, and the last time I played this I hadn't yet learned to drive myself. Coming to it now after driving a real car for a few years, I'm amazed how absolutely unlike the real driving experience it is. Sure, I'm only playing on a standard pad, so it's never going to feel like a wheel, but it all just feels so floaty and light. You don't really have any kind of connection with the vehicle or the road at all. I guess that's a real problem with driving games - most people don't spend their time slaying dragons, lasering aliens or flying spacecraft so it's a lot easier to suspend ones disbelief. On the flipside, most people do spend a lot of time driving, and we're used to all of those tactile sensations and being fully aware of our surroundings. You could probably recreate a lot of that with a few hundred pounds of specialist equipment, but meh.

Another one down. Next up on the PS3 list is Fable (on the Surface). I had a quick go on this and got hugely annoyed by the odd save system - you can't save at all during the hugely long tutorial - but now I'm in the world proper it's starting to open up. Away last week, so no gaming, and it feels like this week's going to be busy, but I have some free time next week, so hopefully I'll be able to make a bit of headway in Ultima 3 and XIII.

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