Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Stick Men Rescued

Another one down! Stick Man Rescue was one of the old PlayStation Minis series, and it definitely lived up to the mini part of its name. Still, I'm not  complaining - 30 levels with each one only taking a couple of minutes is exactly the kind of thing I need more of. As I mentioned before, the basic premise reminded me of Volcano on the beeb - you control a helicopter and have to fly through hazards to pick up your stranded fellows and bring them back through said obstacles to your base. In Stick Man Rescue you have to fly through different levels of a battlefield/fortress with various evil stickmen trying to kill your own brave rescuees. This includes things like dropping bombs on them, running them over, firing missiles at them, and so on. Your helicopter can only carry four men at a time, so you have to prioritise which men you pick up first. You also have a few weapons of your own - a machinegun that you can use for shooting enemy stickmen and a variety of powerups such as missiles and flamethrowers that you can either use to destroy enemies or their weapons, or sometimes to remove barriers, such as the flamethrower removing an ice barrier. It's a very simple, very quick game and a nice one to tick off the list. Next up on the PS list is Gran Turismo HD Concept. This was basically a free demo of the next Gran Turismo game that they gave away on PSN years ago - it was actually the second thing that I downloaded on the PS3...7 years ago! Blimey. I don't know how much content there is, but I think it's just a couple of tracks and a few cars. I've already made my feelings on racing games known, and this is only a demo, so it probably won't last long.

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