Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kicked Off

Well, that didn't take long. Kick Off is very much a step back to the heyday of Sensi and the early FIFA games. It took a while to work out the passing and shooting, but I got there in the end. There's no man-to-man passing here, it's all hit and hope. The ball fires out directly along the direction your player is facing, and it's then up to you to get someone on the end of it. The computer AI isn't great at doing this for you - you'll often find that when you play a through ball to someone up the field, by the time the ball gets near to him the computer has already run him off in a completely different direction. The solution is to kick the ball then quickly switch to the intended recipient and get him on the end of the pass. Shooting is a similar mechanic with the amount of time you hold down the shoot key denoting the power (and height) behind the shot. Scoring does seem really hard. I didn't score once in the time I played it, but then the computer never scored against me, either. I even left the room for a couple of minutes to sort out the kids (I couldn't find a pause key) and when I came back, the computer still hadn't scored against me. The other funny thing about it is the sliding tackles, these go on for quite some distance, and if they connect then the player that was hit goes flying for about a third of the length of the pitch! And that's not even counted as a foul (I did check, and fouls were turned on), I'd hate to see the tackle that does count as a foul. Anyway, it was quite fun for a short spin, but it was never really going to be a keeper. (...a Keeper...get it? Of course you do. It wasn't even a joke.)

Next up on the randometer is...Bureaucracy! It's an old Infocom text adventure written by none other than Douglas Adams. Should be interesting.

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