Friday, 12 December 2014

Four down, Five to go

Ultima 4 is finally done and dusted after 20 years or so since starting it at school. I still have a slight hankering for playing through the Master System version...I know it's crazy, but I think it's the music pulling me back more than anything. Those tunes have been sitting in my head since first hearing them, and this PC version just didn't scratch the itch. The rest of the game was pretty much as I remembered it - the shrines and the mantras, the location of the wheel and the skull, the bell, book and candle...all these things are burned in my memory (when I forget so much useful stuff). I think we did pretty much finish the game back at school, it was just those final dungeons that were the sticking point, and they still were with my current playthrough. Ultima 4 still has the horrible half-first person, half tactical split in the dungeons, and the clunky first-person sections are so old-fashioned and horrible. I really hope this is the last we see of them. I don't remember them on the SMS, so it must have been purely tactical battles back then. Oh, and I finally found the missing shepherd! She was actually just outside the city walls and you had to run through some poisonous swamp right at the entrance to the city in order to find her. No wonder I never found her at school, there's no obvious indication that there's anything good down there, and all of the other party members are in really obvious places, so we never thought she'd be somewhere so out of the way. Ah well, at least it means you don't actually have to be a shepherd yourself to finish the game - I was a fighter in this one, which was a bit boring, but that's where the gypsy's questions took me. I'm going to try importing this character into the next game and see how that goes.

So, onward to Ultima 5! I know next to nothing about this game so it's going to be interesting to find out what it's like. The rest of them are quite well known, so this one feels like a bit of a dark horse. I know 6 is the first one with the fully revamped graphical engine, but hopefully 5 is a little improved - especially in things like dungeons, as I mentioned. We'll soon see. I've also got Conquest of the New World, which I haven't looked at yet. They're both fairly deep games, so I'm not sure which to pick up next. To be honest, my fingers have been wandering back to Borderlands 2 for a bit of quick-fix action, so I might spend a bit more time there before I dive into one of these. It's almost the end of the year and it would be nice to get another game under my belt, so maybe I'll put Conquest on hold for a minute and pick up another from the randometer...oh, go on then. I'll pick up Conquest as my first new game of 2015.

So, next up on the randometer is...(ha - the first thing it brought up was MtG for the series if I need any more of an addiction to Magic right now) ... Tag Team Wrestling! A CGA wrestling game all the way from 1985, sounds perfect.

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