Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lonely Like a Wolf Lone Wolf is very much like an old Spectrum platform game - in fact, the same game was also released on the Spectrum! It's super-old school jumping about while avoiding dangerous projectiles with bad hit detection. You also have a rubbish jump, which you can use to miss moving platforms and fall back down the last fifteen screens you've just climbed up. Every few screens you have to fight a reflection of yourself created by the Mirror of Death. The difference being that the reflection actually has some coordination and can move and hit accurately while you stagger about drunkenly flailing your sword and tripping over your own outstretched feet before working out that the good old 'kick downwards' manoeuvre works like a charm. You also get a choice of Kai powers, some of which can only be used when fighting reflections and others which only work while climbing through the tower. Is it anything to do with the Lone Wolf books? No. Is it any good? No. I skipped through a walkthrough on Youtube to see if I was missing anything, but it's just half an hour of exactly the same thing. I don't even have the patience for that half hour. Sorry, Lone Wolf, but I was hoping for better.

Next up on the randometer is...1893: A World's Fair Mystery! Looks intriguing. It's a sort of adventure-edutainment cross where you play a detective trying to solve a diamond heist at the World's Fair. Looks like a text adventure with pictures.

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